Get Into Energy

With the right education and training, you can begin a rewarding, well-paying energy career that benefits millions of people every day. Explore the many career opportunities in energy today.

  • Youth

    Find out how you can make a difference with a rewarding, well-paying and exciting career in the energy industry.

  • Engineering

    Engineers are essential in the energy industry, and help improve systems and create more efficient ways to generate, transmit and use power. Learn more about the many rewarding career opportunities to apply your engineering experience and help shape the future of energy.

  • Transitioning Workers

    If you are interested in making a career transition, the energy industry holds a wealth of opportunity. From young adults to workers from other industries seeking to apply their knowledge and skills, careers in energy are an exciting way to make a fresh start,

  • Military

    Reservists, Guardists, and Vets: Find out how you can put the unique skills obtained from your military service to work with a well-paying and rewarding career in the energy industry

  • Women

    As many women are discovering, careers in energy are excellent careers. They pay well, offer extensive benefits, and provide opportunities for growth. If you're looking for steady, challenging work and a great career, the energy industry has a wealth of opportunities waiting for you!

  • GetIntoEnergy.Jobs

    Explore an in-depth listing of jobs across the energy industry with our new Get Into Energy Jobs search engine.


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