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EnergyCareers 2020 is now over; however, you can still visit the event through October 28 to listen to the sessions, browse the booths, and collect information here. Please note the meeting platform will not be staffed.

EnergyCareers2020, will bring students, veterans, career changers, women, and those under-represented in today’s workforce together virtually on October 21 to discover careers in energy. Curious about what a gas technician or a nuclear engineer does? What about the men and women who restore power after storms and natural disasters? EnergyCareers 2020 will overview of all these careers and more than one hundred others. Whether you want to work in the field or in an office, whether you are interested in learning in school or on-the-job, energy employers are seeking thinkers and tinkerers, STEM enthusiasts, those who want to work with their hands, those interested in protecting our nation’s resources and men and women who want to serve their communities.  

If you are looking now for a stable career that will both charge and change your future or you are a student exploring options for the future, join us for EnergyCareers 2020.

There is no charge to attend this event.

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