Parents & Educators

Studies show that parents and educators have the greatest impact on a child's choice of occupation.

So don't forget to let your children or students know about careers in the energy field, which are rewarding, exciting, and contribute to the nation and the community. And, with over 10,000 positions becoming available each year, there are plenty of opportunities.

We encourage you to explore the array of energy careers on the Get Into Energy website. Once you have had this opportunity, you can learn more about how you can help your children or students at the dedicated Parents Section and Teachers/Guidance Counselors section on the Center for Energy Workforce Development website.

Find out more about financial aid and other support mechanisms for sending your child to college:
My College Options

Check out iON Future: The STEM Career Exploration Game from Change the Equation, along the with accompanying Learning Guide for teachers, facilitators, program directors, and families.