Energy Careers 2021


A national, virtual and free career fair — will be held on October 20, 2021. We welcome job seekers considering a career in energy and those interested in learning more about future opportunities in the field.

Recruiters will be available for interviews for internships and careers. The energy industry seeks a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.

The energy industry has opportunities for:

  • Thinkers and tinkerers
  • Outdoor enthusiasts and office specialists
  • Athletes and mathletes
  • Engineers and environmentalists
  • Dirt diggers and drone drivers
  • Problem solvers and people persons
  • Solution seekers and STEM specialists
  • Those who like heights and those who want to work below the earth’s surface
  • Those with college degrees and those who prefer to learn in life’s classroom

The energy industry is growing: Several hundred thousand employees will
be hired over the next three years. There are a variety of opportunities for
candidates with different skillsets and education levels, including those
with experience and advanced degrees; those with high school degrees or
GEDs who want to begin their career journey through on-the-job training;
and those eager to transition from another career.

    Registration for EnergyCareers 2021 opens in early September.

    People in energy careers

    Why Consider an Energy Career

    More than six million people work in energy careers in the United States. Some are future-focused innovators and engineers exploring new ways to harness and store power. Some are skilled trade workers who offer specialized expertise. Others are developing a national infrastructure for the rise in electric vehicle transportation or even supporting the business of energy. The work of these professionals is essential, rewarding and always in demand. Because of the knowledge and skills that are required, energy employees are well compensated, in many instances, earning above national averages.

    Energy professionals — those in construction, engineering and cybersecurity — and millions of other essential positions are proudly leading the country’s work toward attaining climate change goals while maintaining energy reliability, resiliency, safety and affordability.

    Attendees at EnergyCareers 2021 can:

    • Participate in networking events and sessions that explore the future of energy.
    • Stop by the virtual job fair to talk with recruiters about available positions, internships and the array of industry opportunities.
    • Upload their resumes and participate in on-the spot interviews.

    Event Overview

    EnergyCareers 2021 will showcase careers in energy to candidates seeking immediate employment and those interested in learning more about future opportunities in the industry. The event will offer insight into the breadth of energy sector career opportunities, guidance on starting a career in the energy sector, benefits of working in the industry, connections with employers, a career fair and more.

    Hosted by the Center for Energy Workforce Development, EnergyCareers 2021 will run from noon to 6:00 p.m. EST on October 20, 2021. The full program schedule will be released in August.

    Sessions will include:

    • ܲThe Innovative and Imaginative Future of Energy and the Cool Careers it Offers
    • Engineering Careers in Energy
    • Working Toward Energy Justice for All
    • Entrepreneurship in Energy
    • Diversity in Energy
    • Careers in Renewable Energy
    • 21 Reasons to Consider a Career in Energy
    • Why to Consider Energy Internships and Apprenticeships (and How to Find Them!)
    • Explore Cybersecurity and IT Careers in Energy
    • 12 Things to Know About Technical and Skilled Trade Careers in Energy
    • Planning Your Path Toward a Career in Energy
    • Turning Technical Talents into a Technical Career in Energy
    • Transferring Military Experience to a Career in Energy
    • Business Careers in Energy: Calling Accountants, Marketers, Customer Service Reps and Others
    • Who Would Have Imagined? Electric Vehicles and Careers in EV Infrastructure
    • Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Employment Tests for Skilled Trade Positions in Energy

    Students and Educators

    EnergyCareers 2021 will offer a virtual Innovation Lounge where students can showcase
    their understanding of science, technology, engineering and math through participation in our STEM Challenge. Watch for more details in August.

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